Hydrosport 565


The CoachRIB is the ideal rib for a sailing coach or any other support function that demands long days at sea. With the extremely deep V-hull in the bow it offers confort and safety even in the hardest conditions. In most ribs of equivalente size you will feel beaten up after 8 hours at sea. In a CoachRIB after 8 hours at sea, you feel like going for dinner! Besides the soft ride of a CoachRIB, it has also a very dry ride that really has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

As her older sisters, also the CoachRIB is self bailing and can be left unattended in the water for periods of time.

The CoachRIB is made to order according to your specifications with your choice of seats and console. 

Hydrosport CoachRIB  - Let's go for a ride, shall we?


L.O.A.:5,65 m
Beam:2,27 m
Internal beam:1,16 m
Tube diameter:0,47 m
Weight from:260 kg